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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

SEO NEWs: Google Started Giving Reminders To Make Website Mobile Friendly

As we all know the world and even the algorithm of Google is moving to support smart devices. As you might know that Google has updated the search algorithms for mobile search and show "mobile friendly" tag to the responsive or a mobile friendly website in the search result. If you don't know then just search anything in Google using your mobile and witness it on your own. To take this further and to encourage webmasters (or to push them) to make their website responsive, Google has taken a new step.

Google has started sending a message to the webmasters around the world in their (GWT) tool message-box as well as to the webmaster's email id to point out the problems with their website. The message usually contains a subject line as "Fix mobile usability issue found on site-URL". It is a lengthy message with some details of the website, but the bottom line of the message is
"displayed and ranked appropriately for smartphone users".  It means your website will rank as per it's compatibility with smart devices.

Have you received any such message? Check your Google webmaster message box.

The SEO experts are forecasting that the Google might take strict steps in future. The websites which are not compatible with mobile devices can face the drop in rankings. Even there are some clear signs that the mobile ranking algorithm is about to launch and Google is making people ready for that.

So if you don't have a responsive or a mobile friendly website then this is the right time to do the needful before Google push your rankings down and force you to take steps.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Top 10 Disastrous SMO Mistakes Should Be Avoided

In this post I am going to share a few disastrous but basic mistakes social media optimizers make while doing SMO activities. As I said these are the basic things, but it can hurt your "Brand" as well as end goals very badly. So let's get into the details.

1. No Strategy
Doing anything aimlessly can be disastrous. So make a proper strategy, what you want to target, how and when? As an SMO or marketer you must be knowing that Social Media is a shaky ground where different people have different choices. So your plan must be in a way that you can reach maximum "Potential Audience".

2. Spamming
There can be different ways of doing spamming unconsciously or consciously. For example, 
  • Using too many hastags
  • Tagging too many people in irrelevant images and posts
  • Making automated posts frequently 
  • Sharing only links
  • Buying likes
  • Fake Recommendations
In any possible way spamming should be avoided.

Top 5 SMO Mistakes
Top 5 SMO Mistakes

3. Only Promotions
As per a normal SMO rule, the content on SMO pages/profile should be in 80/20 ratio. It means 80% of the information should be shared and 20% of promotional content can be there on the social pages. Keep in mind that even the information sharing should be with a proper strategy and related stuff. Avoid making silly mistakes in this.

4. No Engagement Activities
Only sharing on the social profile is like shouting in bare area. You should build some kind of engagements or increase page likes or at least increase reach of the post. It can get you different benefits of SMO else it's waste of time.

5. Unoptimized SMO Profile
This is the most important aspect, but as a SMO I think people might not miss it. At the same time, there might be some newbies trying their hands on SMO, so I thought to include it in the post. Perfectly optimize your page or profile with genuine and correct details. Try to verify the page, emails and other possible fields which can be verified.

Hope this post helps in one way or other to improve your SMO activities.

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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Which Social Network Is Best For Your Business?

As the 2014 is about to end, many of the marketers might trying to gauge which social media platform is best for them or on which social media platform they should focus in 2015? This Blog will give you an insight of top 5 social media platforms which can help you to choose the best social media platform to target your audience and get desired results for your marketing efforts.

1. LinkedIn
LinkedIn is the best social media platform for B2B companies and professionals. If you are in the business sector where your prospects are other business owners or c-level executives then LinkedIn must be your marketing destination. Also, if you are having recruiting firm then LinkedIn can make your work more quickly and easy by getting the best professionals.

As per a survey 91% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn actively and 65% B2B companies acquired new clients from LinkedIn. One more interesting fact is 40% of B2B buyers researched about products or services on LinkedIn before buying. This can give you an idea how important LinkedIn can be for your B2B company.

2. Twitter
If you are targeting publication industry like news, Blogs, Microblogs, B2B companies, marketers then twitter is the platform you should focus on. As per the survey 85% of B2B marketers use twitter and 53% of business in the information and communication industry which makes it best to target marketers and business. Also if you are trying to spread general awareness and you are supporting and NGO or political party then Twitter is the best suited tool for your business.

3. Google+
Google+ is the best choice if you are giving your efforts to create a "Brand". As many of you know it is directly connected with the Google which is an added advantage for the marketers using G+. Many big brands like Cisco, HP, Moz leverage "Branding Benefits" by successfully running campaigns on G+. It is also a good place to target if your audience belongs to "male" fraternity because as per the survey 68% of Google+ users are male.

Which Social Media Platform is Right for Your Business
Which Social Media Platform is Right for Your Business

4. FaceBook
The best social media platform for the companies which have visually driven products. It is also best for B2C companies and best suited for B2C products like ecommerce items and software like antivirus. As per the stat of a survey, 42% of Facebook fans like a page to get discount and coupon and 35% of people like a page to compete in a contest for alluring prices. One important thing to mark here is 399 million FB users are using FB on mobile app which can give an idea how big B2C market is lying on Facebook.

5. Pinterest
Pinterest is best suited for a few categories of business like
  • Fashion
  • Cooking
  • Ecommerce
More interestingly if you are targeting female audience Pinterest is the best place. As per the survey 93% of Pins on Pinterest are pinned by a woman and 69% of Pinterest users are female. As per the survey 81% of US online consumers trust information and advice from Pinterest. Further stats indicated that 60% of Pinterest traffic is from home and furnishing category and 61% of Pinterest users are moms. So now, you might clearly understand the targeted audience on Pinterest.

Hope this article helps you to identify the platform where your targeted audience might be unaware of your products and services which can be turn into a big chunk of revenue.

*the survey stats are taken from QuickSprout & image credit goes to digital information world.

Ash Vyas SEOAsh Vyas is working in Internet Marketing field for 6+ years. Have experience in handling projects of SEO, SMO, SEM, Content Marketing, Branding etc.
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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Does Google Issue Certificates? Can Anyone Be Google Partner?

I have heard many time prospects or my social network connections asks me this question or look suspiciously to the people who are claiming to have such certification or partnership. This inspired me to write this Blog. This blog will answer their queries and it will also be helpful to the aspirant marketers.

The answer is, "YES". Not only, Google, but also Bing, Hubspot and other known names in the Online marketing industry provides such certification. This certification usually has a validation date on it due to ever-changing nature of the marketing and internet field.

Why Google (or other such organization) Gives Such Certification?
I haven't approached Google to answer this, but as per my knowledge and experience, I'm trying to answer this question :) . As we all know, Google is fighting against "Spam" and "Poor Online Marketing Practices". Such courses provide in-depth knowledge of the ethical and result oriented marketing standards and practices. This helps Google to educate marketers with the guidelines and standard practices to be followed. At some extent, it also helps in getting other core information of people which helps search engines in other ways.

It also helps people to recognize the qualified individuals who can work for them as per the set standards.

Some organizations (including Google in the past) also bag some money from such courses. It still helps indirectly to add revenue to the organizations.

How To Get Google [or other Related] Certification?
Google and other related organization like Bing, Hubspot provides different courses or material to the aspiring marketers. These materials can be PDF ebook or series of video lectures which provide in-depth knowledge of chosen subject. Once the learner feels, he has acquire enough knowledge, he can give an evaluation test which is a time bound exam. The exam will test the knowledge of the learner by both theoretical and a few practical scenario based questions. If a learner achieves the set milestone of score, the organization issue an online certificate to him/her.

Usually, such certifications are valid to specified time period, then one must need to give exam again to regain the certification.

How to Be Google Partner?
There are a few requirements to be "Google Certified Partner" which are listed below:
  • Google Partner's profile creation for company
  • Google certified individual  [Pass minimum 2 exams out of 3]
  • Meet minimum spending requirement which is at least $10,000 USD (or local currency equivalent) in total AdWords spend over the last 90 calendar days.
Can Anyone Cheat in The Exam?
The chances of cheating in such exams are denied in 99.99% cases. These exams are time based, so one don't get much time to surf around or explore the material to find the answers. Also, the questions are logical, so all question don't have answer on net. It can be only acquire by thorough subject knowledge.

We can't ignore the 0.01% ratio of possible cheating. Sometimes, students give exams in a group or ask someone to give exam in behalf of them. So there can be cases of dummy student achieves certification for someone else. This is possible because there is no verification policy, but this is a very rare scenario.Again it's quite difficult because the passing score usually set to very high and the time constraint exam policy.

Which Types of Certificates are Available?
There are many organizations providing various certifications. Each has their own set rules, passing score, etc. A few courses are offered only once in limited time period, but there are a few courses which are open to all for free for 365 days a year. Below is a list and link of a few well-known certification programs. By exploring the links, you will find more related details, like course material, passing marks, validity, etc.
Hope this information has added some knowledge in your knowledge base. You can reach me anytime, if you need more information on anything.

Ash Vyas SEOAsh Vyas is working in Internet Marketing field for 6+ years. Have experience in handling projects of SEO, SMO, SEM, Content Marketing, Branding etc.
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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

What A Successful Marketer Do?

It can be a trivial or a million dollar question, depends on the person. For example, some of you have an instant answer, "A marketer market or sell the things." Well, that can be a generic answer, but to be a "Successful Marketer" one has to do much more specific things than marketing or selling the stuff. Marketing is not as easy as people assume, it's a logical and quite challenging job. A marketer needs to follow a step by step process to be a successful marketer. In today's Blog, I will try to cover the top 10 practices in stepwise manner which each marketer needs to practice to become a "Successful Marketer".

Understand the Business
This must be the first step of anyone who wants to be part of the marketing industry. You have to be quick learner and understand the organization or company you are going to work with/for. You have to understand the rules, policy and standards which can help you to take marketing decisions without any conflicts in the future. As part of the business knowledge acquisition, you have to understand the products/solutions/services of the company. You have to grasp the thorough details of each product and solution you are going to sell. It will help you to get the confidence to deal the real market more effectively.

Understand the Business Goal
You have to do in-depth research to understand and clearly define the goals of the company, both, long term and short term. The quote a marketer needs to keep in mind is "Blind marketing, without any clear goal will reach nowhere."

Understand the Industry and Competition
Once you have a clear idea of the company, its products and the goals to be achieved, this is the time to carry out a thorough research to understand the targeted industry and the competition. To conquer the market, you have to understand the industry trends and possible future changes. You also have to spot the strength and weak points of the competitors. Here a quote to keep in mind is "Never underestimate your competitors".

Understand the Persona
The next step is to understand the persona of your market. Persona is an assumed character with all the possible characteristics of the targeted audience. One business can have more than one persona and you have to get the detailed characteristic to define a specific persona.

Define the Priorities
After the research phase and defining the goals and business related entities, you have to define the priority. It's obvious to have more than one goal for any business. You have to give priority to each goal. You can also classify goals in micro and major goals. You have to give priority to the persona whom to target first. You can't aim all the directions at the same moment. You have to be clear which milestone to achieve first.

Outline a specific Marketing Plan
After defining the clear priority, you can create a specific marketing plan. You can create a phase-wise marketing plan as per the set priorities. Make sure you keep all the gathered data and processed information in your mind during marketing plan creation. Use your experience, but don't stick to it. Each market needs a different strategy. You can't use the same marketing plan everywhere. You should use your experience to create an effective plan, not to impose it. You can also take help of the industry experts from direct or indirect resources.

Be a calm listener
Many times you might have seen people speaking so much, sometimes exaggerating, about their products/services. This is traditional sales practice. A good marketer is always a good listener. As a good marketer, you have to listen to everyone, yes everyone. You have to listen to your prospects/clients, your boss, your colleagues and many other entities. Sometimes, you will get stupid, agitating or provoking suggestions, but you must listen carefully by keeping your mind open. The reason is sometimes, you might get excellent ideas or suggestions directly or indirectly. All people giving their suggestions are after all belongs to the audience area. Their suggestions will be helpful sooner or later. Even the worst suggestion will bring you to an idea of what you should never do. :) So be a calm listener.

Go with the experience and instinct
As I said earlier, listen to everyone, but do what is right for you to achieve your business goals. You should use both your experience and instinct to take the right marketing decisions. Do not follow anyone blindly, not even your own self or your own experience. Market and audience changes dynamically and you have to change your marketing practices accordingly.

Accept the Mistakes & Learn from it
Like any other field, it is possible that your marketing plan proves to be a disastrous thing. The key take away here is to don't justify the things. You must understand and gracefully accept your mistakes. Not only, accepting, but you also have to understand the factors which lead you to such failures and make sure you don't repeat the mistakes. You must take lessons from your mistakes which can help you to make better marketer. The thing to keep in mind is "Making mistake is not wrong, but repeating the mistake and not taking lessons from the mistake is wrong."

Never Stop Learning
As a marketer, you can't be an expert ever. You have to be a student of the field. You have to learn from each entity and each person around you. Even the worst things can teach you the best marketing strategies. Never think that you have reached the summit of the marketing industry, but keep your eyes, ears and mind open to learn new things from your's and others' experiences. Be a good reader and learner!

So these were top ten things, every marketer should keep in mind and follow at its best. Each successful marketer practice these process in his each marketing project. Hope this helps you in one way or other.

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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Internet Marketing As Career Objective and Internet Marketing Brief

I had a conversion with a Professor of a University in Singapore which inspired me to write about Internet Marketing as a career objective and a brief introduction of Internet Marketing. This Blog is for the aspiring marketers and students who are interested in building their career in the online marketing field.

What is Internet Marketing?
First of all you have to understand the meaning of online advertising aka Internet Marketing. Internet Marketing is an amalgamation of different branches or standard activities which helps people or businesses to achieve their business goals. A business goal can be anything, including,
  • Generating a sell of a product
  • Generating awareness about a cause or products
  • Getting donation for an NGO
  • Getting subscription for a newsletter
  • And so on
Different Internet Marketing Branches
Internet marketing is a collage of various activities, including:
  • SEO [Search Engine Optimization]
  • SMO [Social Media Optimization]
  • PPC [Pay Per Click]
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Adsense
  • And more

Internet Marketing As Career Objective
Internet marketing aka Online marketing ka Online advertising is a very interesting field. You will have a great fun working in it. The minimum requirements to be a Successful Internet Marketing Professional are listed below:

Above mentioned channels of Internet Marketing are whole field in itself. As per your interest you can choose any one field, like, SEO and get expertise in it. If you're interested in each and every field, then you can start with anyone and gradually get specialization in each branch of Internet Marketing which eventually make your profile as an Internet Marketing Professional.

Be Passionate
This is the core requirement to get into this field [or may be in any field]. You must be very passionate about your job. You shouldn't expect much of holidays or weekends because sometimes new market updates or new projects can make you work on weekends and holidays as well.

Ready to work in Competitive environment
Every industry has a competition, but in this field you might face more competition than normal. There is a strong competition between global and local Internet Marketing professionals.

Good Logical and Reasoning Power
As an Internet Marketing professional, you have to think from four different perspectives.
  • Your targeted prospects to whom you want to sell your products
  • Your client to whom you're providing your services
  • Marketing platform where you're targeting the audience to achieve business goals, i.e., search engine, social media, etc.
  • A marketer
You also have to assume the algorithms of search engines and other platforms you are targeting. To deal with these different aspects, you need to have a good logical and reasoning power to create channelized marketing plans.

Why Opt Internet Marketing Field as Profession?
As I said earlier, it's a really fun job. If you are interested in the amalgamation of marketing & Internet field then this is the perfect job for you. Other reasons to choose the Internet marketing profession are:
  • You get opportunities to work in different industry verticals
  • Global platform to showcase your skills
  • Various opportunities to meet different people worldwide
  • And many more
My reason to be in this field is I'm loving it. :)

So that's the brief of Internet Marketing as a career objective.

Hope this Blog has added some valuable information in your knowledge-base and can help you to select an online advertising career. If you have any query, feel free to ask.

Ash Vyas SEOAsh Vyas is working in Internet Marketing field for 6+ years. Have experience in handling projects of SEO, SMO, SEM, Content Marketing, Branding etc.
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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

International SEO: Technical details Deep Dive 2

Last week I explained about International SEO and related terminologies. If you missed that article, read it from here: This blog post is second part of the International or multinational SEO. In this article, I will share some technical details which shows how to implement and successfully run a multinational SEO campaign. Let's explore step by step guide.

How To Practice Multinational/International SEO?
There are different ways to practice multinational SEO. It starts with selecting the right alternative of the URL aka domain. There are three options which are explained below with small tips to make decision easier.

Buy country specific domain like This is suggested only when
  • You want to target a few regions only now as well as in future.
  • You have enough resources to work on specific country wise domain. As CCTLD will completely new domain, you have to put extra efforts to get the authority for that domain.
  • Some regions has its rules to get cctld, so you have to pass those standards to get the rules.
2. Subdomain with gTLd
Use your current domain and add subdomain for each targeted location. For ex:
You can set targeted geographical area from Google webmasters easily. The benefits of using it will be:
  • Easy to setup
  • Your authority of the current site will be passed to it and vice verse
3. Subdirectory with gTLD
Use your current website and add subdirectory in it, .i.e.,
You can set the geo-target from the Google webmaster tool. It has the same benefits as a subdomain.

4. URL Parameters
Use url parameter for each targeted location, i.e.,
This is not recommended at all from SEO point of view. Why? The important reasons are
  • You won't be able to set the geotarget from GWT
  • Google [most search engines] are not good in dealing with URL with parameters
If you ask me, I would suggest to go with either subdomain or subdirectory with gTLD. Further, narrowing down, subdirectories are best with some of the SEO factors + it's easy to handle. Still, there are no clear evidences of benefits of subdirectories over subdomains, many SEO experts suggest using subdirectories based on their experience and so do I.

International, Multinational SEO

Once you have decided the URL, then you can use different methods to serve the language/region specific users. The possible options are as below:
1. HTTP redirection
2. Javascript enabled redirection

I suggest to use http redirection as again search engines are not so good in dealing with javascript. Though it has started improving and handling javascript, still there can be some problems.

Once the redirection portion is done you have to specify the region specific landing pages. How to handle it? It's explained in brief below:

1. Rel="Alternate" Hreflang Annotation
In google, rel="alternate" hreflang="x" annotation is used to specify which page is served to which geographical location. This is recommended when you have a different version of the same content which is either translated or adjusted to serve the different regions. There are three ways to implement this markup:

HTML Link element in head section
In the head section of add a link element pointing to the french version of a webpage which is
Code: <link rel="alternate" hreflang="de" href="" />

HTTP Header
This option is useful when you are publishing non-HTML files, i.e., PDF. You can use HTTP header to indicate the French version of a URL.
Code: Link: <>; rel="alternate"; hreflang="de"

I find it quite easy and less chances of any issues. You can submit language version instead of any markup.

One thing to keep in mind that there are predefined hreflang values for languages and regions. So use the right value only. Beware of any silly mistake.

2. X-Default Hreflang Markup
It's important to keep in mind that, you won't be able to create different pages for each and every region or language in this world. What if a visitor come to your website for whom you haven't created any specific landing page. In such case, you have to create a general landing page and redirect the user there. For this purpose use xDefault hreflang attribute.
Code: <link rel="alternate" href="" hreflang="x-default" />

If you are using different region specific URLs, then you will have cluster of code as below:

<link rel="alternate" href="" hreflang="de" />
<link rel="alternate" href="" hreflang="x-default" />

Once the code is setup, you can create a separate account for each version of the site serving a predefined audience in both, GWT and GA. It will help you to monitor your efforts and fine tune it.

Hope this Blog added some value to your knowledge-base.

Ash Vyas SEOAsh Vyas is working in Internet Marketing field for 6+ years. Have experience in handling projects of SEO, SMO, SEM, Content Marketing, Branding etc.
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