Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Guide To Set Call To Action Button In Facebook Fan-Page

If you are part of SMO (Social Media Optimization) field, this is something really important to you. Facebook has accepted the importance of CTA (Call to Action) and added that feature to the fanpage, more commonly known as a page. Now, you can guide your fans (of Facebook page) to a specific location. It will be visible as part of your banner besides "Like" button.

How To Set CTA In Facebook Fan-Page? 
It is very easy to set the CTA in fan page. If you haven't set it, every time you enter in your page, Facebook will prompt you to add the CTA, you just need to click on that button

  • Once you click on that button, you will get a dialogue box where you can set your CTA.
  • You can select "Button name" which suits your business.

  • After selecting the button name, enter the specific redirection URL for both, mobile and desktop version.
  • The next window will allow you to choose the iOS destination which is followed by setting up Android destination.

You can give link of either App or website for both iOS and Android. Once you finish these steps, then CTA is set for your Facebook fan page.

If you are in the online marketing industry, you must be knowing the importance of CTA. So don't wait more and just get it for your fan-page now.

Hope this article helps in one way or another. :)

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